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An initiative by a Team of NIT, IIT & IIM alumni. We are a diversified group based in Hyderabad, India. Founded & led by seasoned and passionate Technology, Banking and Training & Development Experts.An ISO 9001:2015 certified entity Unified Excellence brings in about Technology Integration being a single stop solution provider integrating blend ranging from Anything to Everything.

Unified Excellence LLP incorporated on 11 April 2017 with Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad. an global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy company, Unified Excellence LLP is India's premier and largest Pan India Facilities Management company managing in excess of 15 million sq.feet of space - offering the best in class services across all industries . Supported by the latest CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) Systems and Platforms with integrated packages in SAP for all backend business processes - utilizes the latest state of art technology to deliver premium services across all industry verticals,we develops and supports an innovative suite of point of sale and business management software, eCommerce websites, digital marketing services and data-as-a-service products designed exclusively for dealers, wholesalers, retreaders and manufacturers within the automotive repair, tire and wheel verticals. it is the industry's only complete technology provider, and our platform outperforms the competition through its seamless integration and superior functionality. For more than 2 years, we have provided our customers the best customer support in the industry, giving them the tools to build stronger, more loyal customers and ultimately a strong ROI.

The company started with an objective and mission for Software consulting, services and training. The company aims with primary areas of focus in Enterprise Data Storage, Cloud Computing, BigData, Virtualization, DevOps and Software Test Automation so as to cater definitive and quality services to our customers and business clients. Our rich domain knowledge and experience helps in delivering high quality products and services with a competitive cost benefit to our customers.

Our uniqueness and success factors are the customer engagement, project management, delivery management and these are possible of our company culture where we provide an environment for every team member to be innovative and a problem solver. We are completely customer focused and determined to satisfy our customers' expectations.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy, foster entrepreneurship, seek and cultivate long term business partnerships, pursue business ideas that transform lives, and empower to realise full potential.

We envision ourselves at the forefront of the economy's development, always driven to empower the right synergies with the right businesses and industries to manifest potential for growth and forward change across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • We enVision ourselves to create a better life for the Humankind.
  • Our Values are imprinted in all we do as a One Stop Solution Provider.
  • To achieve sustainable market leadership through consistent delivery of world class services perfectly aligning people with processes and technology
  • Create & sustain a brand focused organization through 'Employee Engagement' & 'Process Excellence' & stay ahead of competition through innovation & adaptability to the growing needs of our clients.
  • Uncompromising commitment to excellence in service delivery.


We embody an umbrella of corporate governance practices. All of our business dealings are undertaken with the utmost transparency and openness, enabling us to uphold the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility.


Our objective is to achieve long-term goals through sustainable and diversified businesses using a comprehensively dynamic long term approach to partnerships.


We believe in our work and the diverse ventures we are involved in. Our people represent the core driving force behind the realisation and strategic growth of all our ventures.


We believe in social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community by a way of creating career opportunities and ultimately nurturing the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

What is Unified Excellence?

The main objective of Unified Excellence is, Organizations where we can Get tie-up and provide the Best Resources for recruitment and marketing from best and brightest keystones in industry.

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