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Consulting Services

To carry on the business of management consultants and advisors and to provide management services in all forms and aspects of trade and industry, including, without limitation, problem solving, team building, strategic and operational planning, corporate communications, information technology and knowledge management, corporate management, productivity, profitability, human resource development, change processes, recruitment of managerial personnel, manpower planning, cost control, marketing, advertisement, and any other related activity, to companies, bodies corporate, governments ? central or state, municipal or local authority, society, undertaking, institution or any association of persons or any individual, whether in India or abroad.


Personality Development, Skill Development, English Communication - written and oral, Interview and Group Discussion for students, self-employed, employees etc

Our uniqueness and success factors are the customer engagement, project management, delivery management and these are possible of our company culture where we provide an environment for every team member to be innovative and a problem solver. We are completely customer focused and determined to satisfy our customers' expectations.

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