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Avid Data Science Services

Data Science Consulting and Training,Analytics

Avid has expertised in delivering analytics based initiatives and big data services in various domains like Supply Chain Management, Automobiles industry, Banking and Finance, Retail, Telecom sector, E-commerce and Social Media.also provide Big Data solutions and Data science consulting services in Supply chain analytics, product analytics, User Fraud analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Route Optimization and Recommendation Systems.

Aegis Limited

Business Process Outsourcing, India

Aegis Positioned as a Major Player in the IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Business Analytics BPO Services and continue to be ranked amongst the top 10 providers of business services in various rankings across the globe

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VLS Bestsoft

Hospital Management System,India

VLS Bestsoft, as a healthcare IT solutions provider, is committed to prepare hospitals to meet future challenges - and to secure their attention on patients, referral sources, and staff by means of long-term concepts. Leveraging upon a dedicated healthcare practice group.

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TATWA Technologies

Business Technology Services | Mobility & m Commerce Solutions | Business Process Outsourcing

Tatwa helped large organizations to service their customer support needs passionately resulting into increased business.the Largest BPO operator from Eastern India and have provided service to the leading telecom & mobile service providers in the world. also have been serving our clients for more than 12 years in more than 10 language proficiencies and have gained excellent track record.

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The main objective of Unified Excellence is, Organizations where we can Get tie-up and provide the Best Resources for recruitment and marketing from best and brightest keystones in industry.

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