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Software Development

To carry on the business of designing, developing, exporting, importing, consultancy and training in all kinds of software, hardware, systems, programs, products, applications and services, for all purposes including but not limited to Business Process Outsource units, Knowledge Process Outsource units , Call centers, Data centers, Medical Transcription Centers and the like and to set up Research and Development Centers and train, educate in one or more of the above areas and to market the latest developments in national and international scenario and implement the same to economize and simplify the operations and to carry on the business of providing communication facilities either computer aided or telephone or any other mode in India or anywhere in world.

To act as information technology consultants and to operate a high technology data processing center for providing information processing, analysis, development, accounting and business information and data to customers, to carry on the business of gathering, collating, compiling, processing, analyzing, distributing, selling, publishing data and information and including conduct of studies and research and marketing of information and services and providing access to information regarding financial operations and management, financial services, investment services, business and commercial operations, financial status, credit worthiness and rating, customer responses management .of business of all kinds and descriptions by whatever name called, in India and internationally.


Total Computerisation, Digitisation, Website Designing, Webportal Development, ERP Software Development etc.

To carry on in India or abroad the business of developing, designing and maintenance of websites, web-based applications and internet/network related system/solutions including setting up of portals, internet based services and consultancy and other value added services.

What is Unified Excellence?

The main objective of Unified Excellence is, Organizations where we can Get tie-up and provide the Best Resources for recruitment and marketing from best and brightest keystones in industry.

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